OREANDA-NEWS. The French newspaper Le Parisien reports that the suspect in the attack on passers-by near the former editorial office of the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo was detained in the IV arrondissement of Paris.

Passers-by noticed a man in clothes stained with blood very close to the Place de la Bastille, after which a strange man was detained by the police. Investigators are now trying to find out whether he was involved in the attack with a machete in the XI arrondissement of the French capital.

 The bloody attack took place at about 11:45 am local time near the building where the editorial office of the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo was located until January 2015. As a result of the armed attack, four people were injured, two more were hospitalized in serious condition. Some witnesses of the accident heard screams and saw a man with a large knife in his hands. They also saw wounded man and woman lying on the ground after the assault. After the terrorist attack, in which 12  people were killed, the editorial office of the magazine left the premises. Whether this crime is connected with the recent publication of cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad by the French satirical magazine, Paris investigators are going to find out.