OREANDA-NEWS  The European Parliament voted to deprive the former head of government of the rebellious Catalonia Carlo Puigdemona and two other separatist legislators from parliamentary immunity. Spain accused them of trying to overthrow the state system. This information is reported by the "Reuters" agency.

According to sources, votes were cast unequivocally in favor of such a decision.

On October 1, 2017, a referendum on the independence of Catalonia was held. During the referendum, 90 percent of those who voted were in favor of leaving the region from Spain. After that, Puigdemont signed a decree on the independence of Catalonia and called on all countries of the world to recognize it as a sovereign state.

The central government of Spain tried to obstruct the referendum using various methods, including force. As a result of the riots, 893 people were injured. Madrid did not recognize the results of the referendum.

Later, the Spanish Supreme Court found the organizers of the autonomy's independence referendum guilty of mutiny and sentenced them to long prison terms.