OREANDA-NEWS The Foreign Ministers of Russia and Japan at their last meeting in Munich on February 16 had a conversation, though at times stormy exchange of views. This was stated on Monday at a press conference in Tokyo, the Secretary General of the Cabinet of Ministers Yoshihide Suga.

"The parties," he said, "are negotiating, feeling the burden of national interests on their shoulders, and at times [at the meeting in Munich] there was a stormy exchange of views. However, it was a frank discussion."

"There was a rich exchange of views aimed at a mutually acceptable solution, - said the Secretary General of the Cabinet. "We will continue to conduct persistent negotiations as part of our course to conclude a peace Treaty [with Russia], resolving the territorial issue."

On February 16, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and his Japanese counterpart Taro Kono agreed that their deputies Igor Morgulov and Takeo Mori will hold consultations on the Peace Treaty in the coming weeks, and a round of strategic dialogue at the level of first deputies is scheduled for April 2. Then on April 17, Taro Kono told reporters that the issue of Sergey Lavrov's visit to Tokyo is also being worked out.

Earlier, the Head of the Japanese Foreign Ministry announced that Lavrov's visit to Tokyo.

Last week, it became known about Japan's intention to revise the strategy of negotiations with Russia on the conclusion of a peace Treaty.

Abe during his meetings with Putin assured that if Russia will give Japan part of the Islands, the US base will not be located there. In order to bring the solution of the territorial dispute with Russia closer, the Japanese Foreign Ministry intends to hold consultations with Washington on the deployment of military facilities. About 75% of the country's residents oppose the conclusion of a Peace Treaty with Russia without preconditions and demand to start solving the issue of belonging to the "Northern territories". By this, the Japanese mean the return of all the southern Islands of the Kuril archipelago as a whole.