OREANDA-NEWS. In South Africa, two lionesses killed their owner who saved them many years ago. That day he took them for a walk, as he used to do. But for some unknown reason the animals unexpectedly pounced on the man and tore him to pieces, as The Daily Star says.

The daughter-in-law of the victim believes that the lionesses did not want to harm their owner. In her opinion, they just started playing some cruel game with him and they didn't know their own strength. However, the girl emphasized, the true cause of his death will be found out only after the autopsy.

There was one more similar case with these lionesses in 2017, when these animals also killed a person. However, that time their owner stood up for the beloved animals and assured that the lionesses were calm and not aggressive indeed. He was believed that time, and the wild animals continued living with him. But now, after this awful bloody accident, they have been placed in a special endangered animals’ shelter. After staying there and perhaps some investigation, they are expected to be released into the wildlife.

The man saved the lionesses when they were at the hunting farm. After this they lived in his safari park and hunted wild animals.