OREANDA-NEWS.Queen of Great Britain Elizabeth II was forced to leave Buckingham court in a hurry. Leave the residence of the monarch was forced not by matters of state importance, but by banal rodents. As it became known, in the house of Her Majesty an invasion of rats and mice occurred - they were noticed in the kitchen. The animals frightened the 92-year-old lady, so she was “terrified” and decided to leave the palace for a while.

In the residence of Elizabeth II have already called experts to combat pests. They not only treated all the rooms from rodents, but also instructed the staff, specifying that it was necessary to carefully observe the frequency, not to leave the cabinets with food and crumbs on the tables open.

It is known that rats and mice are frequent guests in the houses of London and residents are forced to regularly deal with them. Especially "animls love to climb into the old buildings, which is Buckingham Palace, built in 1703. However, the lime of rodents, as they say, is not so simple, among other things, the animals have managed to mutate over the past years and now they cannot even be brought out with poison.