OREANDA-NEWS. Russia is not going to invade Ukraine, but it is beneficial for President Vladimir Zelensky to scare the population of the country with the "aggression" of the Russian Federation. On Thursday, January 20, Dmitry Belik, a member of the State Duma Committee on International Affairs, told Izvestia.

The day before, the Axios portal, citing sources, reported that Zelensky called on US senators not to wait for an allegedly possible escalation from the Russian Federation, but to impose sanctions now.

According to the Russian politician, one gets the impression that the Ukrainian authorities themselves are looking forward to the imagined escalation.

“Our country is not going to invade, and sanctions should be introduced, according to Zelensky, apparently as a preventive measure. Everyone has long known that without a command or outside approval, the leader, probably, will not make any statements just on the words of “independent” Ukraine,” Belik said.

The politician recalled that US President Joe Biden had already threatened the Russian Federation with “unprecedented sanctions” because of Ukraine, also pointing out that the current Kiev cannot even take a step without its Western curators.

“For Zelensky, who is rapidly losing his rating inside Ukraine, it is beneficial to frighten the population of a country that was once friendly to us with Russia’s “aggression” and blame us for all the problems. In addition, this is an excellent pretext for placing military equipment near Russia. Russia is not going to attack, but at the same time, our country will act in accordance with the need to ensure its security and calmly watch how offensive weapons are drawn to our borders, is not going to, ”concluded the deputy.