OREANDA-NEWS The US White House decided to delay the issuance of licenses to American companies to resume work with the equipment of Chinese Huawei Technologies. Since May, the company has been under sanctions: US authorities have banned US companies from working with Huawei to protect their infrastructure from external threats.

Applications for the resumption of cooperation with Huawei filed 50 companies, said US Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross. However, a decision on these applications has not yet been made, according to Bloomberg, citing sources. According to them, the delay is due to the decision of China to suspend the purchase of US agricultural products.

In July, Wilbur Ross said the United States intended to ease restrictions on US companies trading with Huawei if selling or buying specific services or goods would not threaten US national security. However, CNBC later announced that in mid-August, the United States will introduce a ban on its departments for the purchase of telecommunications equipment from Huawei.