OREANDA-NEWS. The accident happened on the famous glacier on Mountain Fisht in the Sochi region. Rescuers evacuated a 48-year-old tourist from Krasnodar from the Fisht glacier. The man fell off a cliff and fell into a crack on the ice slope. The man fell into the bergschrund - a crack in the snow-ice slope. During the fall, the Kuban resident received a back injury, he complained of acute pain in the lumbar region.

However, he was lucky that he did not travel by himself in the mountains. The Emergencies Ministry employees were summoned by a member of an unorganized tourist group, and the injured person was the part of this group. The caller said that as a result of the fall, the victim injured his back and needed hospitalization.

While waiting for the rescuers, the comrades managed to lower the man to the bottom of the glacier on their own, after which the rescuers took him on a stretcher to the Ka-32 helicopter.

As the press service of the Southern Search and Rescue Detachment and Vesti Sochi State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company tell, a catheter with anesthetic was installed on board the tourist, after which first aid was provided. At the moment, he was handed over to ambulance doctors.