OREANDA-NEWS Donald Trump has signed the country's Military budget for next fiscal year 2019, involving national defense spending of $716 billion.

In accordance with the law the number of armed forces will be increased by 15.6 thousand people. This law was named after Senator John McCain.

John McCain-Admiral of the U.S. Navy, participated in the Pacific operations during the Second world war. His son, John McCain Jr., also served in the Navy, headed the Pacific command. His grandson, John McCain III, a sitting Senator, was a military pilot and participated in the Vietnam war. The Vietnamese shot down his plane and held him captive from 1967 to 1973. Senator McCain in a statement on his official website confirmed that the document is named after him. According to him, the budget "provides an important opportunity to apply an effective approach to the growing number of threats."

The law "will help to form more deadly and persistent forces, increases the size of the land forces, Navy, air force and marine corps by 15,600 people," the report said. After that, the number of land forces will be 487.5 thousand people, Navy — 335.4 thousand people, air force — 329.1 thousand people, marine corps — 186.1 thousand people. The budget also provides for the creation of a separate US Space command, subordinate to the Strategic command.

The budget also includes costs of $7.6 billion for the purchase of 77 f-35 fifth-generation fighters, the allocation of $24.1 billion for the construction of new warships. The salaries of servicemen will also increase by 2.6% (it is the largest increase during last nine years).

The budget "confirms the full Israel support of President Trump, approving the allocation of $ 500 million for the joint development and production of missile defense systems." $ 250 million allocated in Ukraine to help in the security field.

The Senate passed this act on August 1. Trump gave back the instruction to create separate space troops in mid-June. According to the President, the US needs to ensure "domination in space". He also noted that China and Russia already have the appropriate formations. Military activities in space previously belonged to the air force.

China expressed dissatisfaction after the signing of the US Military budget for 2019 by Donald Trump.