OREANDA-NEWS  After the U.S. and NATO decision to withdraw troops from Afghanistan, where the Taliban seized the capital Kabul, Turkey is waiting for a new administration to form to clarify what steps it will need to take. Ankara, which seeks to pursue a "wait-and-see" policy depending on the options when either a transitional government is formed in Afghanistan or the Taliban directly announces the creation of its government, plans to act together with the international community on the issue of recognizing the new regime. Trying to keep the channels of dialogue with the Taliban open, government sources point out that until a new regime is formed, no action will currently be taken to withdraw Turkish soldiers in order to eliminate as much as possible the problems that will arise in the new period, and first of all the "immigration problem". 

The topic of establishing contacts with the Taliban of the AKP government has become one of the main agendas in social networks. 

A journalist and TV producer Ismail Saymaz publishes the following comment about the statement on Turkey's cooperation with a representative of the Taliban: "The Taliban, knowing the soft side of the AKP, declare: "We want to cooperate with Turkey in the field of health, construction and energy, as well as in the processing of underground wealth." Upon learning of our love for concrete, they declare that they will be able to achieve recognition through the construction of two airports and a bridge". 

A research fellow Sevim Tunaltan speaks in support of this: "People trying to portray the Taliban as "moderate" on television talk shows are you blind? What about the verdict handed down by the Taliban to the three captured thieves before the court. After the trial, they will be hung on lampposts, their wrists will be cut so that everyone can see".