OREANDA-NEWSThe Democratic Party of the United States plans to change the course of the administration of President Donald Trump in foreign policy after his departure. Plans with a new approach were revealed in the party's election program, presented on the first day of the congress.

First of all, the Democrats want to change their attitude to the methods of diplomacy, as well as their position on participation in international organizations. In particular, they plan to return Washington to the World Health Organization (WHO) and the UN Human Rights Council.

Trump's opponents also believe that under him, the United States has become a more detached country from the world community, its reputation has deteriorated, and its influence has decreased. "Democrats will revive American diplomacy to secure the US position as the central power of the world, as well as a force of peace," - the associates of the most likely candidate Joe Biden (center, pictured) promise. It is emphasized that professionals will again begin to engage in diplomacy under him. In addition, special attention will be paid to regions of increasing importance - Africa and Latin America.

Earlier it was reported that Trump has noticeably closed the gap in popularity among voters from the most likely rival in the election, Biden. Fifty percent of respondents are ready to vote for the Democrats. Trump and incumbent Vice President Michael Pence received 46 percent of the vote of potential voters. In early June, Biden was ahead of the current owner of the White House with a score of 55 to 41 percent. At the same time, in the 15 American states that are most important in terms of election outcome, Biden's rating averages 49 percent, and Trump is one percentage point behind.