OREANDA-NEWS. According to the New York Post, women serving in the US Army have been officially allowed to do their hair and dye their it.

The army leadership has announced the easing of restrictions related to female appearance in the army. The policy overhaul came as a result of numerous complaints: in the summer of 2020, protests against extremism and racial inequality were widespread in the country.

According to the new rules, female soldiers are allowed to dye their hair, braid regular and Afro braids, walk with their hair down when cut short, and pull their hair into a ponytail. In addition, they can now wear earrings, lipstick, and manicure. It is noted that shaving remains a must for men.

Sgt Major Brian Sanders said the commission adopting the new rules took into account many factors, including cultural, health and safety issues. He noted that the tight bundles previously required in the military can cause hair loss and other problems in women. In addition, the owners of thick hair with such a hairstyle are uncomfortable wearing a helmet.

Relaxing restrictions will help employees "feel like women in uniform and without," Sanders said. “Our women are mothers, spouses and sisters, and they want to preserve their individuality,” he stressed.