OREANDA-NEWS. Czech President Milos Zeman has endorsed politician Jan Lipovský as the country's foreign minister. However, the state leader considers him to be a weak link in the new government.

Zeman approved Lipavski only under the personal guarantee of Czech Prime Minister Petr Fiala. The president said this in a conversation with reporters from Prague TV.

"During our last meeting, Prime Minister Petr Fiala offered me his personal guarantees that Mr Lipavski would act as foreign minister in accordance with the Cabinet's programme, specifically in terms of strategic partnership with Israel, but also in cooperation with the Visegrad Four countries (Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia and Hungary). I think that one day the government itself will recognize that Mr. Lipovsky is a very weak minister," Zeman said in a commentary.

In addition, the Czech president pointed to the lack of a complete higher education of Lipavsky. When asked how Zeman would interact with the new minister, the leader replied "not at all".

Earlier it became known that the leader of the republic intends to approve the composition of the new government by December 17. It was formed following parliamentary elections in October.