OREANDA-NEWS. Lombard Risk Management plc (LSE: LRM), a leading provider of integrated collateral management and regulatory reporting solutions, is pleased to announce its partnership with TMX Market Insights | Razor Risk ("Razor Risk") for the provision of calculation and margin analytics.

The collaboration solidifies a long-term relationship between the two companies and focuses on the integration of Lombard Risk's cross-asset collateral management software, COLLINE, with Razor Risk's leading-edge margin calculation technology. 

The integrated solution provides real-time initial and variation margin calculations for call calculation and validation of external or counterparty/broker/CCP marks.  Referred to as 'COLLINE Calcs', the software uses multiple internal or industry standard calculation models.  The solution takes into account existing portfolios and offset benefits and reduces the costs of sourcing eligible collateral.  The software also allows clients to validate the estimated margin calls from the CCPs. Firms can make pre-deal calculations within COLLINE ensuring effective risk measurement and control for improved profitability and efficiency ratios.

COLLINE Calcs will be made available from Q1 2017.

Helen Nicol, Global Product Director, Collateral Solutions of Lombard Risk said:

"The ability to obtain real-time initial and variation margin calculations for the validation of external or counterparty/broker/CCP marks will radically change the way our clients operate, providing greater analytics and perspectives for a competitive advantage.

"We believe the partnership between Lombard Risk and Razor Risk provides an industry leading solution that gives greater accuracy and certainty in managing collateral margins and calculating solvency ratios."

Peter Walsh, Global Head of Sales, TMX Market Insights, Razor Risk said:

"With COLLINE Calcs, financial services firms can make pre-deal calculations from within COLLINE providing effective risk measurement and control for improved profitability and efficiency ratios.  We are pleased to formalise our relationship with Lombard Risk and look forward to bringing our offering to market."

About Lombard Risk

Lombard Risk is a leading provider of regulatory reporting and collateral management solutions to the financial services industry. Through intelligent automation and optimisation, Lombard Risk's clients are able to improve their approach to risk management, gaining the agility they need to have a competitive advantage. As well as bringing immediate and urgent solutions to clients' needs, Lombard Risk's global team of experts look beyond today's reporting and collateral management to develop technology solutions that help them adapt as industry challenges evolve.