OREANDA-NEWS Russians will be able to pay for purchases in shops and tickets in public transport by the «Mir» card with the help of bracelets and charms. This information appeared in the media with reference to the National payment card system (NSPC), which is the operator of the «Mir» card.

The principle of operation of bracelets and key chains will be similar to the work of a contactless card, said the publication in the NSPC. To make a transaction, an accessory with a built-in chip will need to be attached to the payment device.

"Our task is to provide banks with proven technologies, and the choice of categories of customers and the type of form factor will be decided by the banks themselves. We strive to find the form factor that will be most convenient to use, including for citizens with disabilities," the press service of the NSPC explained to journalists.

According to existing information the pilot project of payment cards "Mir" with the help of the bracelets is already running in RosSelhoz Bank. In the future, it will be extended to other financial institutions.

Experts sure, the proposed accessories are convenient due to a simplified and instant payment process.

It is noted that in addition to the convenience of paying for purchases and trips with the help of accessories, there are disadvantages in their use. Thus, the device chip may sometimes fail.

However, experts do not exclude the possibility of sudden failures in the devices. Attention can be paid to them and scammers.

In case of loss or theft of the accessory, scammers will be able to make small purchases with their help (operations in the amount of up to 1 thousand rubles do not require entering a pin code) until the card is blocked.

According to this information, today accessories for payment of purchases are already used by Visa and Mastercard, and Alfa-Bank and Moscow credit Bank are introducing payment rings.