OREANDA-NEWS Google will not challenge the fine of 500 thousand rubles, issued by Roskomnadzor for failure to comply with the law on the removal of search results links to resources with illegal information, and pay it, told in the press service of the company.

"We plan to pay it. We will not challenge", - said the representative of Google, without specifying in what terms it is planned to pay the fine.

Roskomnadzor on December, 11 fined Google 500 thousand rubles for failure to comply with the law requiring search engines to filter search results from sites that are in the register of prohibited information. Google could appeal this decision within 10 days.

Since October 1 in the Russian Federation came into force the law obliging search engines to connect to the unified register of the forbidden information and to filter search results from the sites which are in this register. Google has not connected to the registry. As Roskomnadzor reported, a fine for this is provided in the amount of 500-700 thousand rubles.

Regarding Google, Roskomnadzor drew up a Protocol on an administrative offense and opened a case on November, 26.

Google is a public Corporation investing in Internet search and advertising technologies, as well as developing online services and high-tech products. The firm, founded by Larry page and Sergey Brin, was first registered as a private enterprise in September 1998, and is now part of the Alphabet holding with a turnover of more than $ 110 billion.

On November 26, there was actually complete administrative process of the Roskomnadzor of Russian Federation. Google faces a fine of up to 700 thousand rubles for failure to comply with the requirements to exclude from search results blocked in Russia resources. The search engine was given a month to connect to the Federal database of prohibited sites and start the procedure of filtering search queries.