OREANDA-NEWSDue to structural reforms, Ukraine needs to ensure growth over the course of 20 years by an average of six percent annually in order to reach the current level of Poland. This opinion, as reported by segodnya.ua, was expressed by the IMF's Permanent Representative in Ukraine, Yosta Lyungman.

According to him, partial reforms and growth at an average rate of four percent will solve this problem only by half. First of all, Lyungman noted, it is about Ukraine achieving a gross domestic product per capita in the region of 30 thousand US dollars at purchasing power parity. The IMF representative described three scenarios for the possible development of Ukraine. The first provides for a complete reform and growth of GDP by six percent annually, which will enable the population to become 60 percent richer in 20 years and reach Poland's current level around 2038.

In the third scenario - the rollback of reforms (without the land market) and growth rates of up to one and a half percent - the population will become 20 percent poorer in 20 years than today, Lyungman believes.