OREANDA-NEWS  McDonald's intends to increase investments in the development of the Russian market by 40% in 2019, as well as to increase the pace of opening new restaurants. This was reported to journalists by General Director of McDonald's in Russia Mark Karen.

"In 2019, we plan to increase the volume of investments by more than 40% (compared to 2018). We will more actively open new restaurants - 60, it was 40 (in 2018)," Mark Karen said.

The Head of the Russian division of the company did not specify the volume of investments in 2019, but in General during the work in Russia McDonald's invested in the development of the Russian market more than 61 billion rubles. In addition to new discoveries, investments in 2019 will be aimed at increasing the number of employees by 10%, staff training, salary growth, innovation, expansion of staff of waiters in restaurants that will deliver the order directly to the tables of visitors. Now more than 50 thousand people work at the enterprises of the McDonald's network in Russia.

In addition, the company intends to fully localize deliveries to Russia. "Now we have 98% of Russian suppliers. We plan to increase this figure to 100% within the next two years," the top Manager said.

McDonald's has been working on the Russian market since 1990. The network in Russia has 680 enterprises in 55 subjects of the Russian Federation, of which about 100 points are developing by franchise. The chain's restaurants are visited by about 1.5 million visitors a day.

Earlier in January was reported that McDonald's company lost a lawsuit against the Irish fast food chain Supermac's for the exclusive right to the trademark Big Mac. This decision was made by the intellectual property office of the European Union (EUIPO).