OREANDA-NEWSThe successive decrease in the key rate by the Central Bank of Russia, which reached four percent, led to the fact that retail loans for new clients turned out to be record high in comparison with deposit rates. This conclusion was made by analysts of the Frank RG agency.

On average, as follows from the analysis of proposals of 11 largest banks in the country, the deposit rate is 2.5 times lower than the cost of a loan. Last year, when banks showed close to record profits, the excess was 1.9 times.

The general director of the agency, Yuri Gribanov, indicated that such an effect was inevitable, since the costs of raising money, that is, interest on deposits, are only a part of bank expenses. And if they decrease, then the rest of the spending does not change, which is why the difference increases

Ivan Uklein, Director of the Credit Institutions Ratings Department at Expert RA, also reminded that a loan is a long-term product in which all risk is incorporated. Therefore, financial institutions are forced to take into account the instability of the world and Russian economies, as well as a possible increase in the key rate of the Central Bank in the coming years.

Earlier, analysts of IDF Eurasia did not rule out that up to 32 percent of depositors of Russian banks could take money during the third quarter. Another 43 percent are still not ready to take such a step, and 18 percent will make a decision depending on life circumstances.