OREANDA-NEWS. At the prestigious Dakar rally-marathon, there was another accident, as a result of which the driver was hospitalized. The incident occurred with the South African Henk Lategan, who completed the check-in ahead of schedule and went to the hospital in Riyadh.

During the fifth stage of the race, an off-road driver in his Toyota car had an accident. As a result, the driver broke his collarbone and was hospitalized in a helicopter, according to the official website of "Dakar". Co-pilot Brett Cummings got along without injury.

On the eve of the fourth stage of the rally-raid, the Indian motorcycle racer Santos Chanchanguppe Shivashankkar was hospitalized. On one of the sections of the special stage, he fell, hit his head on a stone and was sent to the hospital. He was put into an artificial coma.

One of those motorcycle riders who found themselves in the immediate vicinity of the incident was Paul Spearing from the Netherlands. He said that for 15 minutes the Indian showed no signs of life. The riders themselves began to reanimate the victim before the arrival of the rescue helicopter. They were very relieved when his heart started beating again after 15 minutes.

After the incident, it became known that Santosh's condition is not a cause for concern. He was put into a state of artificial coma for a more detailed examination.