OREANDA-NEWS. BBC reported that Formula One will not hold races in the USA, Mexico and Brazil in 2020, scheduled for the autumn. The reason for the cancellation is the situation with the spread of coronavirus in these countries.

Earlier, the Formula One leadership abandoned plans to hold a race in Canada in June. Thus, in the current season, all four planned races in North and South Americas have been deleted from the calendar.

According to the BBC, the competitions in the USA, Mexico and Brazil will be replaced by races in Europe. It is expected that they will be hosted by the Portuguese autodrome Algarve, the Italian Imola and the German Nurburgring.

Now in the calendar of the Formula One championship in 2020, 10 stages have been confirmed, 3 of them have already taken place. In August and September, the next stages will be held in Great Britain, Spain, Italy, Belgium and Russia.

The organizers expect to hold at least 16 races during the current this season. Locations outside of Europe considered are Bahrain, China, Vietnam and the UAE. Seven stages: in France, Monaco, the Netherlands, Azerbaijan, Australia, Singapore and Japan, will definitely not take place in 2020.