OREANDA-NEWS Sports journalist and commentator Dmitry Guberniev criticized the Chinese for delaying the flight with the Russian Olympians. He wrote about this in his Telegram channel.

"The Chinese are loading luggage for a very long time and they don't care about the whole world at all," the journalist said. He noted that the flight was delayed for more than four hours. All this time the passengers were on board the plane.

Figure skaters, including Olympic champion Anna Shcherbakova, and skiers, including Alexander Bolshunov, who won three gold medals in China, are returning to Russia on the "golden flight" from the Olympic Games in Beijing. Also on board are the players of the hockey team, who became silver medalists of the Games, and other members of the Russian delegation.

The Olympians of the Russian national team won 32 medals in Beijing, including six gold, 12 silver and 14 bronze awards. Thus, domestic athletes have updated their own national record at the Winter Olympics and surpassed the results of the Sochi Games. The skiers brought the most medals to the team — they have 11 awards, figure skating with six awards took the second place, biathlon became the third — four medals.

The Games in Beijing ended on February 20. Domestic athletes competed under the auspices of the Russian Olympic Committee.