OREANDA-NEWS. A request from the South Korean government has been sent to the International Olympic Committee. This Asian country has expressed its intention to host the 2032 Olympic Games jointly with the DPRK. The agreements on this between the representatives of the two countries took place in the fall of 2020.

It is worth recalling that initially China (the cities of Chengdu and Chongqing), Hungary (Budapest), Germany (Rhine-Ruhr region), Australia (Brisbane) and Qatar (Doha) claimed to host the Games-2032. However, the decision of the IOC has not yet been made, and South Korea and the DPRK intend to submit a joint application.

At the same time, insiders recently announced that the IOC is leaning towards holding the Olympics on the Green Continent, in Brisbane. South Korean officials are saddened by this fact: "The IOC chose Brisbane as the preferred venue for the 2032 Summer Olympics and it was an unexpected move. The South Korean government regrets this decision."

According to sources in the country's leadership from the Korean Peninsula, they have already held consultations with the IOC, according to which South and North Korea will submit a joint application. These intentions are reported by RIA Novosti. The representatives of the two countries ask the IOC to continue negotiations with other applicants.