OREANDA-NEWS. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov spoke about attacks on Russian athletes performing at the Tokyo Olympics. This was reported by RIA Novosti.

He advised the Russians to win more medals, preferably gold ones, and not pay attention to the negative information background. Peskov added that Russian athletes are warmly supported in Moscow.

Earlier on Friday, July 30, American swimmer Ryan Murphy questioned the honesty of Russian Yevgeny Rylov's victory in the 200-meter backstroke. Another participant in this race, Briton Duke Greenbank, spoke about the existence of a state doping support system, without specifying a specific country.

At the same time, while everyone continued to elevate hatred to the absolute, the American and Russian athletes wrote off and clarified this situation for themselves: “We talked with Ryan and once again made sure that it was a misunderstanding. We remain good rivals. We both advocate for the sport to be clean, "Rylov wrote in his social networks.

In addition, as Acting Director General of the Russian Anti-Doping Agency (RUSADA) Mikhail Bukhanov told RIA Novosti, Olympic swimming champion Evgeny Rylov was completely clean before the Games in Tokyo.

Bukhanov said: "We tested this athlete three times in 2021. In addition, he is in the international pool, so the international federation is testing him additionally. However, as part of the pre-Olympic training, he was prepared and clean."

On July 29, the American rower Megan Calmo said that she was disgusted to see how the Russians Vasilisa Stepanova and Elena Oryabinskaya won silver medals at the Olympics. The day before, during an interview in the mixed zone, a foreign journalist, asking tennis player Daniil Medvedev, called all Russian athletes cheaters.