OREANDA-NEWS. The government of Sverdlovsk region, Russia, are going to restore 30 thousand hectares of forest till the end of this year. This figure exceeds the previous plan, which was available at the beginning of the season, by 7 percent. These plans were announced by the director of the regional forestry department before the day of the Forest Worker.

Reforestation is the essential part of the global national project “Ecology”. For example, last year 250 million rubles were pledged for these purposes in the region. Most of this money was spent on buying specialized firefighting equipment because natural wildfires are one of the biggest environmental problems here.

Such responsible spending caused a decrease of number and and area of wildfires. For instance, this year only 10 thousand hectares of forest were destroyed in this Russian region. This is a few times less than in previous years.

By the way everyone can do his best to help restoring legendary Russian forests, which have always been the country's pride and wealth. For this purpose the annual national action is held when anyone can plant tree seedlings by himself. There are special sites for planting prepared by the Forestry Department – 49 ones across the region.