OREANDA-NEWS. The Government will be allocating 700,000 euros from the reserve to support the Estonian-Finnish Cultural Fund. The aim of the fund is to support transnational cooperation at the level of private persons as well as organisations in the field of culture, creative industries and education.

“The good relations between Estonia and Finland are based on historical ties. Every year, nine million trips are made across the Gulf of Finland, which shows how interconnected our lives are. Both Estonia and Finland will be celebrating their 100th birthday and it is noteworthy that the Estonian and Finnish governments have now decided to contribute to the cultural fund aimed at bringing our people even closer together,” said Prime Minister Jüri Ratas.

The Finnish government plans to allocate 6 million euros to support the cultural fund. The monetary contribution of the two countries is proportional to their respective GDPs. According to Indrek Saar, Minister of Culture, the close relations between Estonia and Finland are special.

“We are tied to the Finnish by strong linguistic and cultural connections. Additionally, the Intellectual Cooperation Convention between Estonia and Finland is the oldest valid international agreement, which 80th anniversary will be celebrated on 1 December. We are looking forward to the spectacular centennial celebrations. I am very pleased that we have the opportunity to contribute to the fund and to further promote cultural cooperation between the two countries,” said Saar.

The cultural fund was founded on 10 December 2015 as a private initiative. More than 20 private persons from both Estonia and Finland, as well as several organisations have contributed to the large initial capital of approximately 150,000 euros. Among others, contributors include city governments of Tallinn and Helsinki, universities, and private companies. The first scholarship of the fund in the amount of 15,000 euros will be granted on 1 December in Helsinki at the formal event held for the 80th anniversary of the Intellectual Cooperation Convention of Estonia and Finland.Government is supporting the Estonian-Finnish Cultural Fund with 700,000 euros | Government of Republic of Estonia