OREANDA-NEWS. Intelligence services of Belarus and Russia have established close cooperation in the protection of the national interests of the two states, Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko said as he met with Director of Russia’s Foreign Intelligence Service Sergey Naryshkin on 17 October.

“You are the leader of a very important agency. We are not going to conceal that we maintain close contacts. I am also grateful to you for the cooperation of our intelligence services. Once again, there is nothing to conceal here although these are nonpublic organizations: we protect the interests of our states and peoples just like all special services in other countries do,” Alexander Lukashenko said.

The President remarked that a few issues in the cooperation of the intelligence services of the two countries require special attention. These are, for example, the coordination of activities, harmonization of the joint efforts to protect the national interests. “Today we have an opportunity to discuss these issues,” the head of state remarked.