OREANDA-NEWS. A girl blogger from the United States stabbed her older sister with a disability. The 14-year-old rising star of TikTok called the police and confessed to the murder. The deceased 19-year-old relative was confined to a wheelchair, as she had cerebral palsy, reports «Dexerto». Parents were at home at the time of the murder, but they were asleep.

The causes and circumstances of the tragedy are not reported. It is known, that when law enforcement officers arrived at the scene, the girl was in hysterics: she tried to wash the blood from her hands with snow and constantly repeated the phrase «I killed my sister».

Under the laws of the state of Pennsylvania, where the family lives, the suspect will be tried as an adult. After being charged, she will be taken to a local jail without bail.

More than 20 thousand people subscribed to the girl's channel in TikTok. Some of the videos have garnered several million views. After the information about the tragedy became known, the administration of the social network blocked the account.