OREANDA-NEWS. The Higher Land Court of Dusseldorf on Tuesday, January 26, sentenced a native of Tajikistan to 7 years in prison on charges of membership in the terrorist organization «Islamic State». According to the investigation, the 31-year-old man from Wuppertal planned terrorist attacks and other attacks in Germany and Albania together with a terrorist cell, that also included people from Tajikistan.

In particular, the defendant was accused of participating in the attempted murder of a resident of Noyce, Amir Arabpur, who converted from Islam to Christianity and criticized Muslims in his YouTube channel. Among the charges were also plans to participate in the murder of a businessman living in Albania in order to finance the IG.

The convict partially admitted his guilt and shortly before the sentencing admitted, that he «strongly regrets what he did», the dpa news agency reports. The prosecutor's office demanded a prison sentence of 8.5 years.

Earlier, an unknown man near the main train station in the center of Frankfurt am Main attacked passers with a knife and injured several people. A short time later, the attacker was arrested, the danger no longer exists, the police said on Tuesday, January 26.