OREANDA-NEWS. Giovanni Rezza, a head of the department of infectious diseases at the Italian National Institute of Health, reported that the incidence of coronavirus infections in the country is declining.

“After the plateau phase, it seems that we started the descent. The curve leaned down, however we have to be careful. Let’s wait for tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, but the situation seems to be improving,” he said at a briefing. However, according to Rezza, “regardless of the reduction in the number of infections, the virus will remain,” which makes it necessary to continue quarantine restrictions. “Any relaxation can lead to the resumption of the virus,” he said.

As the head of the Civil Protection Angelo Borrelli stated earlier, 135 thousand cases of infection were recorded in Italy, more than 24 thousand patients recovered, the number of deaths amounted to 17,127. The number of patients in intensive care decreases for the fourth day in a row. Total number of hospitalized people decreased for the second time since the beginning of the epidemic. During the day, 880 people were infected, it is the lowest figure since March 10.