OREANDA-NEWS. US citizens whose Russian visas are about to expire are advised to leave the country by June 15th. This is stated in the message of the mission.

"If you are a US citizen in Russia and your visa is expiring, we recommend leaving the Russian Federation before June 15. It is the deadline set by the Russian government," the diplomatic mission said.

Dympissia will not "for the foreseeable future" offer any notary services, consular birth reports abroad, or passport renewal services. The embassy has offered to send email inquiries to those requiring a new US passport if the situation is emergency.

Thу officials from the department noted that if necessary, US citizens should contact the local offices of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, if necessary, to stay in the Russian Federation, but in this case the US Embassy in Moscow will not be able to answer certain questions related to their stay in the Russian Federation or with Russian visas, since the process is fully controlled by the government of the country.

It notes that the situation is related to the notification of the Russian government of its intention to prohibit the American diplomatic mission from hiring foreign citizens in any capacity.