OREANDA-NEWS. One of the Russian regions - Bashkiria - introduces " Anti-Coronavirus passports". They will be received by citizens who have antibodies to coronavirus. The head of the republic, Radiy Khabirov, announced this at an operational meeting in the government.

According to Radiy Khabirov, "The passport will be held by those who have been ill, have antibodies, and who have been vaccinated. This solves a number of problems, in particular, with older people."

According to Khabirov, this will become an incentive for residents of the republic to get vaccinated. It will be possible to obtain a passport through the portal of state services.

The head of the republic also noted that Anti-Coronavirus passports will help "fill the halls and more than the prescribed 30 percent."

As Khabirov explained on his page in the social network "VKontakte", "People will gradually begin to return to ordinary life, which we all have missed. The only exception is the mask mode. Even for the vaccinated, it remains at least until the end of the year, masks must be worn, this is established federal authorities the norm. "

It is assumed that the anti-coronavirus passport will look like a special QR code, but if necessary, it can be shown from the phone or printed. Citizens do not need to submit documents for its receipt - the code will be automatically generated from those who have been vaccinated or confirmed the presence of antibodies with a certificate.