OREANDA-NEWS. Prime Minister Pavel Filip, in the beginning of a today’s cabinet meeting, said that, at a request by the justice minister, in his capacity of member of the Superior Council of Magistracy, a decision had been taken to make a proposal to President Nicolae Timofti to dismiss from office, for the disciplinary infringements committed, the judge who managed the case of inflicting damage to the budget of the National Bureau of Motor Insurers.

In this context, the prime minister referred to the problems triggered by controversial decisions by judges and by suspect transactions carried out through commercial banks, which led to inflicting a damage worth over 20 million lei to the National Bureau of Motor Insurers and triggered the risk of Moldova’s exclusion from the Greed Card international system.    

“The judicial system is to be cleaned, so that it provides all needed conditions for the work of a fair and independent justice,” the prime minister said.  

At the same time, Pavel Filip said that he had recently signed petitions to the Prosecutor General’s Office and National Anticorruption Centre to boost, proceeding from the increased national interest, the investigation activities in connection with the causing of damage to the National Bureau of Motor Insurers.    At the same time, the prime minister referred to a decision by the European Court of Human Rights from France, which on 17 May pronounced a fair satisfaction in the case Norma Ltd Vs Moldova. 

“Following this ruling, our state will not pay about 7.2 million euros demanded by the claimant within the controversial file Norma Ltd. This case proves that Moldova’s interests are above any interest of ill-will against the state and its citizens,” Pavel Filip added.