OREANDA-NEWS. The British government has developed rules according to which everyone arriving in the United Kingdom from abroad will be required to isolate himself for two weeks.

According to the television channel BBC, these measures will take effect in June. In accordance with plans of the authorities aimed at protecting the population from coronavirus infection, all arrivals will be asked to fill out a document with contact information, including the address where they will stay. Otherwise, their placement will be forced. Health workers will have a right to conduct spot checks at the indicated addresses, and violators of the regime will be fined 1 thousand pounds sterling (1.2 thousand US dollars).

Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, Brandon Lewis explained that this measure is necessary to keep the number of infected people low. According to the politician, the best way to do this is to guarantee that people will observe the quarantine period of 14 days, assure that they have no symptoms of COVID-19 and that they will not become carriers of the virus.