OREANDA-NEWS. In Copenhagen, the Carlsberg Group brewing company presented two prototypes of biodegradable paper bottles for beer.

These are white non-transparent bottles, similar in shape to standard glass bottles for Carlsberg beer, they also have the brand name and signature of the company’s founder. The press service of the company says the bottles are made entirely from natural materials which are recyclable. The paper is made of wood.

Prototypes differ from each other: in one specimen the inner surface is covered with a thin film made of polyethylene terephthalate), in another – with a film of polyethylene furanoate. The film should hold liquid inside. Carlsberg will continue to test both technologies in search of the optimal. There are no concrete plans for mass production and start of sale of paper bottles.

Carlsberg began developing a new bottle in 2015, it was a part of a strategy to reduce noxious emission.

Myriam Shingleton, the Vice President of Group Development of the company, noted that wood fiber packaging is less harmful for environment than glass bottles or aluminum cans.

The development is carried out in collaboration with packaging manufacturer BillerudKorsnäs, Carlsberg created the Paboco joint venture with it. Partners are assisted by experts from other environmental projects and researchers from the Technical University of Denmark.

Earlier, PepsiCo and Coca Cola announced plans to abandon plastic bottles and start selling their drinks in aluminum containers to reduce plastic waste. Adidas started developing recyclable shoes, Unilever tested solid shampoo briquettes and cardboard wrappers for deodorant, Procter & Gamble tested reusable humidifier packs.