OREANDA-NEWS. Michal Koudelka, the head of the Security Information Service of the Czech Republic, said that the agency together with Czech police had unmasked the activities of the Russian spy network. He stated that the agents operated through the Russian embassy in Prague.

Koudelka reported to the members of national parliament that the espionage network had been completely defeated, its brain centre had been totally destroyed. According to him, this network was created by people connected with Russian intelligence services, and funded from Russia and the Russian embassy in the Czech Republic.

Koudelka claimed that network members planned attacks via the Internet against targets in the territory of the Czech Republic and other countries. He also said that this network was a part of a larger structure created by Russia in other European countries. However, according to media reports, the head of the Security Information Service did not name these states.

Czech magazine Respert wrote that the spy network carried out hacker attacks in the country and consisted of several Russian citizens and immigrants from the Russian Federation who received Czech citizenship. This organization operated under the guise of companies selling software and computers.

The Russian embassy in Prague denies this information. “The message that the Russian embassy in the Czech Republic funded a certain network has nothing in common with reality,” the representatives of diplomatic mission said to the journalists of Russian information agency RIA Novosti.