OREANDA-NEWS The emergency regime was introduced on Friday in the city of Armyansk and nearby villages in the North of Crimea. The reason for the introduction of the emergency regime is the deterioration of the environmental situation. This was stated by the Head of the city administration Vasily Telizhenko. "Today, the decision of the emergency Commission introduced emergency mode, literally at 19.00," - said Telizhenko.

According to this information, the regime will extend to the Armyansk and nearby territories. Telizhenko also added that the timing of the emergency will be determined by the decision of the Commission.  

The Crimean authorities on Friday reported that there are considered six main versions of the incident. According to the Deputy Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Republic Igor Mikhailichenko, among them-a possible discharge of chemicals from the neighboring state. Law enforcement agencies are investigating the situation. A criminal case was initiated on the fact of the of pollution.

 The release of sulfur dioxide into the atmosphere occurred in Armyansk on the night of August 24. It was found that the cause was the evaporation of the contents of the acid accumulator in the territory of the "Crimean Titan".

The sedimentation tank was diluted with water coming through the North Crimean canal, but after the reunification of the Peninsula with Russia, Ukraine blocked the supply of Dnieper water.

Later it was found out that the settler of the enterprise had become much shallower, which led to an increase in the concentration of the remaining acids and the evaporation of various chemicals into the atmosphere. The environmental situation was normalized on September 7.

This was mainly due to the decrease in air temperature and precipitation, which reduced evaporation from the acid accumulator. In addition, the neutralization of the soaring areas of the acid accumulator with the help of lime solution has been started

On September 9, the work was completely suspended. The authorities decided to announce holidays in schools and kindergartens for two weeks. All children were sent to sanatoria. As the head of the Crimea Sergey Aksenov explained, it is made in "precautionary purposes", health and life of people in the city threatens nothing.