OREANDA-NEWS. The future relationship between Russia and the European Union will be determined by Moscow's position on environmental and climate issues. According to the Russian Foreign Affairs Council, the key to successful cooperation lies in meeting four conditions.

The European Union's new climate policy, reflected in the Green Deal unveiled two years ago, has created tensions between Moscow and Brussels that were exacerbated by the EU's intention to introduce cross-border carbon regulation for a range of carbon-intensive products supplied to the EU. 

However, besides the risks, the Green Deal also brings opportunities for developing relations with Russia, as both sides are interested in green investments and developing and researching renewable energy technologies, including hydrogen power. The Russian Foreign Affairs Council said in a statement.

According to experts, the dialogue on environmental issues could create new ties and points of growth for Moscow and Brussels and become a platform for building bilateral relations, which are currently at a rather low level. They believe, however, that this will only be possible if four conditions are met. 

Firstly, the bilateral dialogue will be balanced and mutually respectful. Secondly, the European Union would cooperate with Russia on CBAM and carbon certificates for goods made in Russia. Thirdly, changes in Russian environmental legislation would be seen as an occasion to deepen cooperation on environmental issues. Fourthly, the risks of financial losses on the Russian side in the implementation of the EU Green Deal and its components would be mitigated by EU investment in the Russian economy.