OREANDA-NEWSThe FESCO transport group and the logistics operator Rail Cargo Logistics - RUS organized the dispatch of the first batch of rapeseed oil in containers equipped with flexitanks from the Krasnoyarsk Territory to the port of Nantong (China), the group said. A consignment of 10 containers with 216 tons of cargo arrived in China on March 17, 2020. The transit time on the route was 35 days.

The containers of the FESCO Yenisei Shuttle regular train were delivered to Vladivostok from the BLTK terminal in Krasnoyarsk, after which they were sent to the Shanghai port by the regular FESCO China Express sea line and then transported by river to Nantong port. The transportation was organized as part of the agreement signed by FESCO, Rail Cargo Logistics - RUS and the Russian Export Center at the Krasnoyarsk Economic Forum in 2019.

FESCO Transport Group is one of the largest private transport and logistics companies in Russia. The group owns the Vladivostok Commercial Sea Port, the railway operator Transgarant, and the operator of the fitting platforms Russian Three. FESCO manages 40 thousand containers, the fleet of fitting platforms is about 6 thousand units. The fleet of the Group includes 20 transport vessels.