OREANDA-NEWS. The American biotechnology company Moderna intends to set the price for a course of vaccine against coronavirus infection at 50–60 dollars, which is 25–30 dollars per one dose.

This was reported by the Japanese newspaper Financial Times, citing sources close to the company’s negotiations with potential buyers. According to journalists’ interlocutors, such a price is assumed for the United States and other countries with a high level of population income.

At the same time, other companies working on the development of a vaccine for the coronavirus are going to sell their drugs at a lower price. According to Financial Times, the American company Pfizer and the German entity BioNTtech, which last week agreed with the US authorities on the supply of the vaccine, estimated their medicines at 19.5 dollars per dose. The British–Swedish company AstraZeneca, which has agreed to supply the vaccine to the Netherlands, Germany, France and Italy, has set the price at 3–4 dollars.