OREANDA-NEWS Specialists of Avialesokhrana began to artificially rain in the Krasnoyarsk Territory and the Irkutsk Region to combat forest fires. This was reported on the website of the institution.

Conditions suitable for the formation of rain clouds have developed in the north of the Irkutsk region, in the zone of forest fires, and in the Evenki region of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, the report said. There, on August 1, a special An-26 sounding plane took off, which launched pyrocartridges with silver iodide into the cloud systems, contributing to the formation of rain. Without interference, the clouds could clear without precipitation.

Artificial rains will reduce the fire hazard and help ground services extinguish the fire, according to the message "Aviation and Forest Protection".

Forest fires in Siberia began in the first half of July, an emergency mode was introduced in the Irkutsk region, Krasnoyarsk Territory, in two districts of Buryatia and one district of Yakutia. A total of about 3 million ha of forest burns, and fires continue to spread. On July 31, military aircraft joined the fire.