OREANDA-NEWS In the Amur region on the main road of the TRANS-Siberian railway bridge collapsed. This was reported in the government of the region.

The incident occurred at ten in the morning in the Svobodnyi, third largest city of the Amur region. According to the MOE, collapsed two flights of the viaduct on Mikhailo-Chesnokovskaya street.

At the time of the collapse of the bridge was driving a truck. The driver was hospitalized with a chest injury, an open fracture of the shin and crushed foot. According to preliminary information, the bridge collapsed due to the fact that it was driving a heavy truck.

The official channel of the regional newspaper "Amur truth" in YouTube published a video of the incident. It shows how a few seconds before the collapse under the bridge drove a freight train.  

Now psychologists, rescuers, police officers and doctors are already working at this place.

Also in Svobodnyi urgently arrived the Governor Vasily Orlov and the Minister of transport and construction of the region Alexander Zelenin. From Blagoveshchensk left the operational group under the guidance of the head of the regional Glaucus MOE Matthew Gibadullina. The office deployed an operational headquarters. The city authorities have introduced a state of emergency.

In addition, after the incident, temporarily suspended the movement of trains at the station Svobodnyi.

First will be clearing paths. This is expected to take about four hours. To eliminate the consequences, a recovery train from the Shimanovskaya station was sent to the scene of the Russian Railways.

Then the viaduct 1982 buildings dismantled.

After the collapse, the Investigative Committee began a pre-investigation check. Also, the East Siberian transport Prosecutor's office will conduct its investigation.

"According to preliminary information, the incident is caused by the passage of loaded heavy vehicles. Specialists of the Ministry of emergency situations work on the spot, " the authorities said.