OREANDA-NEWS. The Israeli Ministry of Health on Tuesday, March 30, recognized the need to purchase millions of additional doses of vaccines, according to the Israeli radio station “Arutz Sheva”.

It is necessary to purchase millions of additional doses of vaccines in order to prepare for certain situations, including re-vaccination, vaccination of adolescents over 12 years old, and to form a reserve for an extreme emergency”, the radio station quotes excerpts from the statement of the Israeli Ministry of Health.

Thanks to vaccines, Israel was the first to get out of the coronavirus crisis. Thanks to the purchases, that we intend to make, Israel will remain the most protected country from coronavirus in the world”, the document says.

The Israeli expert in the field of vaccines, Professor Nachman Ash, on the air of the Second Channel of Israeli radio, said : “The market for vaccines is extremely complex. The whole world is hunting for vaccines, which are not so many. It is important to get them as soon as possible”.