OREANDA-NEWS  The facial recognition system, which will calculate the wanted criminals, will be launched in Moscow next year. To do this, the city will completely replace the video camera with a new generation of technology, said Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin, speaking at the annual city-wide extended meeting on crime prevention in the capital.

"In order to improve security in the city, we will soon reach a new level of information technology in the work of our law enforcement agencies. Already this year we have replaced more than 40% of video surveillance cameras with more advanced ones, next year we will complete this work and create for the first time a facial recognition system that will identify criminals who are wanted. This is a new level of security, a new level of technological equipment, and law enforcement agencies, and in General urban services", - said Sobyanin.

The mayor added that the first experiments carried out in the metro and some areas have yielded positive results: dozens of criminals who were wanted, found and detained. "I think this system will make the city simply inaccessible to criminal elements," he said.

The head of the Ministry of internal Affairs in Moscow Oleg Baranov stressed the important role of the video recording system "Safe city", the elements of which are installed in different parts of the capital. "The use of the "Safe city" system allowed to solve 27 murders, 77 crimes related to causing serious harm to health, 165 robberies, more than 300 robberies," he said.

Sobyanin added that in order to improve security in the city, it is also necessary to strengthen the material base of the city Department of Internal Affairs. "In recent years, we have repaired and reconstructed 75 regional departments of internal Affairs, built nine new buildings. In the coming years, 25 new buildings will be built for the district departments of internal Affairs and other needs of the city administration. The city will help the work of law enforcement agencies in every possible way," the mayor said.