OREANDA-NEWS. Western representatives are not ready for an honest dialogue with Moscow, said Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

Lavrov said, speaking at the Primakov Readings: “Not only Russia, but many others are faced with the fact that the representatives of the West are not ready for an honest dialogue based on facts, they prefer to act in a highly likely spirit, there are many examples of such an approach. This, of course, undermines the credibility of the very idea of dialogue as a way to resolve differences. "

According to him, Russia will actively contribute to the continuation of peaceful changes, "in the direction of polycentricity based on the collective leadership of the leading states in solving global problems."

The minister added: “But we are still realists and cannot ignore the stubborn reluctance of our Western colleagues, I would even say an aggressive reluctance to recognize this objective reality as it is, we cannot ignore the desire of the collective West to secure a privileged position in the world arena, whatever the cost. "

So, the West refuses to honestly talk about a moratorium on the deployment of the INF Treaty in Europe, Lavrov said, adding that Russia is interested in pragmatic relations with the West and the United States.

Russia is open for talks on the Greater Eurasian Partnership with the EU, since Brussels is our natural neighbor, the head of the Russian Foreign Ministry recalled.