OREANDA-NEWS On the procurement website on February, 27 issued a few orders made by the Federal State unitary enterprise "Trading house "Kremlin" relating to the Office of the President. The structure purchased cigarettes from a single supplier for a total of 19.05 million rubles.

So, one of the lots in the amount of 2,289 million rubles includes the purchase of 42 thousand cigarettes. The General information on the lot indicates that the purchase from a single supplier "is carried out due to an accident, other natural or man-made emergencies, force majeure, if necessary, urgent medical intervention, as well as to prevent the threat of these situations." Customer-St. Petersburg branch of the trading house "Kremlin".

The supplier of cigarettes, according to the Protocol of purchase, became KTF-the Kaluga Tobacco Factory. According to the plan of purchases of goods products should be shipped in the Moscow region, St. Petersburg, Kazan, Yekaterinburg. In total TD "Kremlevsky" bought more than 360 thousand units of goods. The documents do not specify whether the unit of measurement is one cigarette or one pack. Thus, the average price is about 52 rubles per piece of goods. According to open sources, the minimum retail price for one pack of cigarettes KTF is in the range of 69-72 rubles.

On the website of the Kaluga tobacco factory it is specified that the enterprise works "in a segment of elite brand brands of cigarettes".

In October 2018, on the procurement website appeared information about the fact that the Federal state unitary enterprise "Trading house "Kremlin" signed seven contracts with an "Island" Logistik supply of caviar of flying fish $48,77 thousand each. The total amount of the purchase was about 22.6 million rubles, for this money was to be delivered about 210 kg of caviar. The Manager of the President later explained that the purchase had been made in the framework of the agreement on the maintenance of the network "Yakitoriya".