OREANDA-NEWS. The most difficult challenge facing mankind is to achieve climate neutrality by 2050, «Microsoft» founder and philanthropist Bill Gates said in an interview with the National Public Broadcasting Corporation of Australia on Tuesday, February 16.

«This is the most difficult problem, that has ever faced mankind, because physically the world's economy — cement, steel, transport, agriculture — all these sectors will have to change», Gates said. He specified, that only the application of innovations, it's scaling, as well as the implementation of a climate neutrality policy will solve this problem by 2050.

Earlier, Bill Gates expressed concern, that despite vaccination, the coronavirus pandemic will increase in the coming months. Based on the analysis of computer models, he received an unfavorable prognosis. In addition, «Microsoft» founder called for preparing for the emergence of new pandemics and treating them as seriously as a potential military conflict.

Gates is convinced, that the world must take serious steps to prepare for the next pandemic. He called it wise to invest billions in the development of science, conducting tests and creating a global warning system for new outbreaks of diseases. He also noted the importance of forming a special «response group».