OREANDA-NEWS More than 4 million Russian families in 2024 will be able to buy apartments, follows from the passport of the national project "Housing and urban environment", published on Wednesday on the website of the government of the Russian Federation.

The document says that in 2024 the national goal to improve the living conditions of at least 5 million families annually will be achieved.

"They will acquire housing on the secondary market or register ownership rights to apartments purchased earlier at the construction stage, including with a mortgage, 4.07 million [families], build individual houses of 0.28 million [families], receive apartments under social hiring contracts of 0.07 million [families]," the passport of the national project States.

The document also says that 30 thousand families will sign lease agreements for at least a year, 100 thousand families will move out of dilapidated housing. Other methods, including through major repairs, housing conditions will improve another 490 thousand families, follows from the passport of the national project.

The document also specifies that ensuring the national goal is possible "provided the sustainable growth of real incomes of citizens, ensuring economic growth above the world while maintaining the macroeconomic situation, including inflation at a level not exceeding 4%."

The national project "Housing and urban environment" consists of four Federal projects: "mortgage", "Housing", "Formation of a comfortable urban environment" and "Ensuring sustainable reduction of the housing stock unsuitable for living". The total amount of funding for the activities of the national project, calculated until 2024, will exceed 1 trillion rubles.