OREANDA-NEWS Most Russian citizens are not going to issue electronic passports, because they do not trust them, considering them to be unreliable. The corresponding research was conducted by the All-Russian Public Opinion Research Center (VTsIOM).

According to the research, 85% of respondents are aware of the possibility of obtaining a new type of ID card, but 59% do not intend to do so. Only one third (31%) of those surveyed stated their desire to issue an electronic passport.

One fifth of the respondents (22%) stated that the new document is unreliable, 8% see possible risks in the failure of the database processing system, another 4% are afraid of information leakage from digital media.

At the same time, 71% consider it useful to use a passport as a bank card, as well as storing several documents on the same carrier at the same time: a passport, policy, TIN, driver's license and some others.