OREANDA-NEWS. Compliance with the rules of epidemiological safety in public places in Moscow is monitored especially carefully by the city authorities.  Public transport and shops are monitored especially carefully. Raids to these places are now carried out daily. For example, Moscow TSUM was fined more than 1 million rubles. The reason is non-observance of the mask regime. In total, 15 thousand fines have already been issued to the capital's trade enterprises.

The representative of Rospotrebnadsor may close any shop if a number of its customers are not wearing masks. They may close the shop up to 90 days if a shop owner doesn't remedy the violation.

But usually it takes several days. The court usually lets the shop work if violations are eliminated urgently. As customers say, in this store, the mask regime is often violated, and there is a number of such shops across the city. The sellers and management of many trade enterprises are negligent in their attitude to current epidemic standards.

Monitoring of Moscow shops is continuing. In general, on a regular basis, fines are issued to those enterprises that do not comply with the glove and mask regime. And for these requirements rather high fines are provided. More than 15 thousand of such fines have already been issued to trade enterprises so far.